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"Making the right to an inclusive, equitable, quality, free public education a reality"

ViBi Buzz's vision is to build a digital footprint containing sharing of experiences and knowledge that is expected to be useful for anyone who wants to learn, adding insight in their respective life careers.

ViBi Buzz is neither a formal organization nor an activity to make money. It's purely developed during the contributors' free time who share similar ideas. The same concept as the Open Source community, which is the right of everyone to get knowledge for free.

Fighting for the idea of ​​Free Education for anyone is not easy. And because it is something that is not easy, it becomes an exciting thing to do.

The initial idea of ​​the Free Education movement in America in the 1960s and 1970s did not significantly develop rapidly because many parties did not support the idea of ​​replacing the current form of traditional schools with alternative forms of education.

Our vision here, not as an alternative to formal education, but rather as a part and supports the legal education sector itself.

There are various forms of informal education mushrooming; this will trigger higher quality on formal education in the future. That development will be beneficial for all of us, without exception.

Life is a journey as a student, not as a teacher. Learning with no age boundaries, knowledge has no limit

Thank you for the contributors who have willingly spent their spare time.

Greetings ViBi Buzz

Vibi Buzz Panellists

  • Achmad Noerzaman

    Presiden Direktur
    PT Arkonin

  • Abi Sutanrai

    Bangun Kota.ID

  • Abigail Cecillia

    ViBi Digital Marketing

  • Apel Ranthy

    Digital Channel and Business Insight Manager
    Solusi Bangun Indonesia PT

  • Aussie B Gautama

    Chairman at
    Établissements Maurel & Prom SA

  • Bambang Eryudhawan

    Ketua Team Sidang Pemugaran
    DKI Jakarta 2017-2020

  • Endy Subijono

    Ketua Umum IAI 2008-2011
    VP Arcasia 2015-2016

  • Glenn Yusuf

    Principal /Co-Founder
    Falcon House Partners

  • Hendrajaya Isnaeni

    Dosen Arsitektur Universitas Indonesia
    Direktur PT Arkitekton Limatama

  • Jusuf Setiadi

    PT Airmas Asri

  • Kim Mei

    Supply Chain Officer
    Ingredion Indonesia PT

  • Nadia Rinandi

    Executive Director
    Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur

  • Ronald Waas

    GO-JEK Indonesia PT

  • Soraya Permatasari

    Bloomberg Asia Pacific Editor
    for Breaking News

  • Sjahrazad Alamsjah

    Founder MaxDev Australia Inc
    President Merpati Putih Australia Inc

  • Toga Panjaitan

    Dosen Arsitektur Universitas Indonesia
    Direktur PT Arkitekton Limatama

  • Zafar D Idham

    Samudra Indonesia Tangguh PT

For those who have spare time and would like to share their professional experiences and knowledge, please feel free to join and fill in the form in this link. form di link ini.

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