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Revealing Environmental Layers in Response to Contextual Phenomena

How much clean water is available to drink? How polluted is the air that we breath? How much plastic do we throw away without any respect for the environment? Are we aware that big cities are poisoning the planet on which we live? In response to the current environmental awareness, this session will focus on unveiling our everyday life in relation to environmental issues, such as: air, water, and the excessive use of plastic.


Arkitekton x Community - Deaf space

The issue of accessibility for deaf people has not yet received attention in the field of architecture and construction in Indonesia. Conseil International du Batiment for Sustainable Building (2016): a barrier-free environment to everyone, as well as people with disabilities, is a criterion for sustainability in buildings. Following the blind/low vision people and physically disabled people, the percentage of deaf people in Indonesia is ranked 3rd. Therefore, the rights of deaf people must also be considered carefully, including their spatial needs.


Extracting / Dissecting Cultural and Historical Context Within a Place

Architecture responds to the current built environment and resources by considering the local context as a part of the environment. Most people live on land, but some tribes believe that the sea is their home, investigating people who build their settlements in a way that adapts to their environment. This session also tries exposing some of the missing events behind the long journey of a nation that can be followed as a complete set of facts through architectural remnants.


Harmonizing Elements of Nature as Architecture Conspirator

What do we learn from abandoned buildings? Do we notice plants growing rampant as if to envelop the whole ruin? It is interesting to see how nature responds to such human negligence. A better understanding of how nature works might result in a more balanced ecosystem. Seeing potentials of cassava, fungi, and earthworm, this session brings forth architecture as a part of human-ecosystem relation.


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