The importance of instilling the commitment on the value of responsibility from the start of education

Zafar Idham established his professional career from the bottom.

Ever since he was a child, he liked to collect the Matchbox car miniatures and really enjoyed his time playing around the machines under the cars. His dream was to pursue higher education in Mechanical Engineering. It turned out that Zafar finally graduated from Environmental Engineering in Bandung Institute of Technology. He spends his time on his hobby in automotive every weekend as a senior race in Sentul circuit.

He experienced a gap year at Pangudi Luhur High School and who was just an ordinary student when he was in college. Then he turned out to be successful in his career. He was the President Director of BUMN Sucofindo, President Director at PT Asuransi Bintang, until now he is trusted to serve as a Commissioner at PT Samudra Indonesia Tangguh, the holding company of PT Samudera Indonesia TBK.

The motto of his success emerged from his hobby in the racing circuit "people run fast not always because they are chasing achievements, it can also be because they are chased by responsibility". It turns out that the motto has indeed brought him success in his career.

A person's life journey has its own twists and turns. Life is basically a process of traveling to experience the meaning of life itself. Every moment of one's career can be a positive motivation for the younger generation going forward.


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