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Today we've already 1827 members in ViBi Buzz.

With that number, any webinar organised by ViBi will get at least 30 audiences if based on (pessimistic) 3% times total members calculation plus approximately ten up to 30 invited guests.

We have reached our audiences minimum benchmark around 50 viewers consisting of audiences plus invited guests. So far that is a good indicator of our campaign success rate.

ViBi Buzz website is ranked in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) as the 70th page indexed with "vibi" keyword and 1st page indexed with "vibi buzz" keywords.

So in the future, we will also get the audience directly at least 1% from the SERP traffics.

Road Map:

  1. From the last webinar, we will improve on how we manage the event, our document templates, our SOP and web content as well. I'll post here the updated document sometimes today or tomorrow.
  2. We're ready to organise an International Webinar for English audiences worldwide with various topics such as Architecture, Technology and Social Culture, except for Economic matters (Indonesian audience only).
  3. We have activated a multi-language feature in ViBi Buzz web site, English and Bahasa. Later on, we can add another language as well, such as Chinese or French, b using Google Translator.
  4. In the next webinars, besides our current contact speakers/panellists, we will start to arrange a webinar with experts who are known well in their professional fields locally or globally.

The challenge is, Vibi Buzz is not a commercial organisation; we're a non-profit organisation.

We rely on volunteers, contributors, members and supporters who are agreed in one mission; Free Education For All.

To achieve that mission, we need all of your support and contribution and feedback.

Thanks for reading.
Salam ViBi Buzz


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