Superhuman vs Spiritual Being Energy

Saturday 3 July 2021

11.00 - 13.00 Melbourne AEST
Australian Eastern Standard Time

This is a Free Webinar. The event will be held via Zoom, connection details will be emailed upon confirmation of your registration.

What we cover in this webinar

In response to a documentary film, "SUPERHUMAN: The Invisible Made Visible", this webinar explores the human energy aspect based on ancient knowledge, the relation between consciousness and an individual's spiritual experiences. In that film, producer Caroline Cory, who has extensive experience in Consciousness Studies and Extra Sensory Perception, takes the viewers on an extraordinary journey to achieve tangible and measurable proof of these seemingly miraculous.

This webinar aims to examine a meeting point between consciousness in science and subjective individual consciousness experiences. Instead of superhuman capability, as a human, most likely we only use a fraction of our human energy potential.

Run Down

11.00Webinar Start
11.05Opening Speech: HE Yohanes Kristiarto Soeryo Legowo, Indonesian Ambassador in Australia
11.09Opening Speech: HE Irmawan Emir Wisnandar, MP Australia Founder
11.13Spiritual Philosophy in traditional martial arts, Les Tayu Irawan
11.25The Superhuman training in the military operation, Harry Cahyadi
11.38Consciousness and Human Energy, Sjahrazad Alamsjah
11.51Seeing Blindfolded Practitioners, Wendy Gallant and Rob Freeman
11.56Live Attraction, Satriya and Eddy Pasar
12.06Live Interaction Attraction
12.11Discussants: Abdul Razak Osman, Yun Loi Lok, Mick Honegger
12.20Q&A Session

Consciousness and Human Energy

Consciousness is a state that we aware of our existence. It is the knowledge and understanding that something is happening or existing. Science acknowledges that consciousness does exist and located somewhere in the human brain. Quantum physics and pseudoscience's believer expands that definition with another approach. It might be everywhere as a global or universal consciousness.

If we agree that a human is an energy being, not a physical being, we can assume that our consciousness is the energy wave. It's intangible, not a physical object.

The big questions are: Where are they? Do my consciousness will be the same as someone else, or do we use the same sources?


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