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Executive Director at Pusat Dokumen Arsitektur

Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur (Center of Architecture Documentation) is an independent and self-sufficient institution that serve the public by enhancing information through the documentation and research of various issues in general within Indonesian architecture and in particularly the urban heritage. Legally established in 2002, Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur has started its documentation activity since 1994.

We are trying to establish a database and consulting center, accessible for academics, researchers, building owners, architects and other conservation related parties. This institution is also aiming to build public awareness.

We believe that the record of the building planned to be conserved must be available before any work of conservation starts. Hence we commit to collect and to maintain the architectural records, research and documents of the heritage building.

• Inventory & Documentation (survey, building measurement, historic & architectural research, photography)
• Education, Workshop & Seminar
• Publication & Exhibition
• Information Center & Consultation

• The Inventory of Heritage Buildings
• Comprehensive Survey Drawing of Existing Heritage Building Measurement
• Analytical Research Report of Sites, Environment, Architectural and Historical Research
• Photography & Movie Documentation
• Guidelines for Conservation Works

• Architecture and Research on Historic Buildings
• Inventory of Historic Buildings and Historic Districts
• Documentation of Historic Buildings
• Conservation of Historic Buildings


    • Rebecca:
    • Mau nanya nih mba Nadia kegiatan yang di selenggarakan oleh Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur ini ( seperti seminar dan workshop ) apakah bisa di ikuti untuk segala kalangan usia? lalu apakah PDA sendiri ada menargetkan di periode usia tertentu misalkan anak lulus SMA atau para anak kuliah semester awal ?

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