Harmonizing Elements of Nature as Architecture Conspirator

What do we learn from abandoned buildings? Do we notice plants growing rampant as if to envelop the whole ruin? It is very interesting to see how nature responds to such human negligence. A better understanding on how nature works might result in a more balanced ecosystem. Seeing the potentials of cassava, fungi, and earthworm, this session brings forth architecture as a part of human-ecosystem relationship.

6 November 2020



    • Pingkan:
    • Arsitektur itu harus paham konsep betul betul ya ?
    • Aulia:
    • Cukup menarik kajian dan pendekatan desain yang dilakukan oleh kedua presenter dari fungi dan cacing tanah. Dunia Arsitektur cukup luas dan kreatif.


Architecture & Scarcity #05

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