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The issue of accessibility for deaf people has not yet received attention in the field of architecture and construction in Indonesia. Conseil International du Batiment for Sustainable Building (2016): a barrier-free environment to everyone, as well as people with disabilities, is a criterion for sustainability in buildings. Following the blind/low vision people and physically disabled people, the percentage of deaf people in Indonesia is ranked 3rd. Therefore, the rights of deaf people must also be considered carefully, including their spatial needs.


19:00-21:00 Jakarta time
08:00-10:00 US time
23:00-01:00 Melbourne time

  • Speaker 1:

  • Rachmita Maun Harahap

    Dr Rachmita Maun Harahap, S.T., M.Sn is a lecturer of UMB (University of Mercu Buana) in Jakarta. She has a hearing disability from birth, and she is actively promoting equality of right for the disabled community. She graduated with Cum Laude predicate degree of Architecture Engineering at UMB, then got a scholarship to continue her Master of Design at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). She is currently a Doctoral candidate of Science on Art and Design at ITB.

  • Speaker 2:

  • Hansel Bauman

    Hansel Bauman is the Gallaudet University Architect, Co-Director DeafSpace Institute (DSI) and adjunct faculty at Gallaudet University and he is the founding partner of Hansel Bauman, Architect + Planner. He is a recognized leader in the field of “DeafSpace Architecture” with over twenty-five years of experience in architecture, planning, urban design, research, teaching and policy development.

    Mr Bauman is the recipient of the International Association of Universal Design’s 2015 Gold Award for the “DeafSpace Design Guide” a catalogue of over 100 architectural patterns attuned to deaf linguistic, cognitive and cultural ways of being. The Design Guide was developed through the DeafSpace Project —an ongoing research and design project—he established in 2006 with Gallaudet’s Department of ASL and Deaf Studies.

    As a DSI Co-Director, Mr Bauman has lead Gallaudet’s community engagement and creative placemaking activities supporting the university’s 2022 Campus Plan and 6th Street Development project since 2006. Mr Bauman’s writings and lectures, including a 2014 TED X lecture and the Smithsonian Institution’s 25th Anniversary calibration of the American’s with Disabilities Act in 2015 explores DeafSpace as a vernacular architecture for a more sustainable and livable world. In 2013 he was appointed to serve on the International Code Committee representing DeafSpace issues on behalf of the National Association of the Deaf.

Behind the event

In order to celebrate Arkitekton's 25th birthday on January 25, 2021, we intend to organize a series of events. The goal is to enlighten Indonesia's future by helping to find solutions to several sustainability issues with the application of innovative architecture in our works in the form of webinar series, exhibition, and architectural installations.


  • Discussions

    • The issue of accessibility for deaf people;
    • The Deaf Space Design Principles;
    • The implementation of the Deaf Space Design;
    • The differences between Deaf Space Design Guide in Indonesia and the USA;
    • The challenges in the application of the Deaf Space Design Guide in Indonesia and the USA.
  • Our specific goals

    • Raising public awareness of the accessibility issues for deaf people;
    • Exchanging ideas for Deaf Space Design;
    • Developing Deaf Space Design in Indonesia;
    • Expanding our network.


    • Tonno:
    • sebuah pengalaman ruang yang pastinya sangat unik dan menjadi pengalaman yang multisensory. Very nice thought!
    • Destin:
    • When they can reach, what we can't..
    • Amanda:
    • Sesuatu yang eksotis terjadi disini, dimana kita bisa memahami bahwa dunia manusia itu tidak seharusnya hanya bermain di batas akal kepintaran tapi juga ada sambungan batin antar sesama.. dan bahwa dibalik kelemahan pun tersimpan kekuatan yang tidak kita sangka sangka.. keren acaranya!
    • Patih:
    • Baru kali ini ikutin webinar dengan tampilan yang ada alih bahasa isyarat plus pakai caption. Saya tergugah. Saya benar tergugah disini !! Webinar ini penuh dengan makna untuk dikaji secara mata fisik dan mata batin. Terim kasih untuk undangannya.
    • Andita:
    • I believe if we (all people) can maintain this kind of webinar more often, this will build our sharpness in design also can increase our social abilities.
    • Becky:
    • I follow this webinar until its finished, its very astonishing! It makes me have another eyes to see the world with another perspective.
    • Nice topic to be studied


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