Borobudur: The Living Book

Saturday 17 July 2021 10 am WIB


Salim LeeNgatawi Al ZastrouwArahmaiani

Peneliti Borobudur & Pembina Yayasan Dharmamega Bumi Borobudur

Budayawan, Kepala Makara Art Center UI

Pelopor Seni Kontemporer





Agus WidiatmokoLaretna T. AdhisaktiMang Baz


Arsitek Pelestari Pusaka


The Borobudur

Borobudur, being a magnificent large Buddhist monument built around in 8th-9th century, has often been historically and religiously narrated and is still continuously subject to academic research. Its modern peoples commonly forgot ancient temples, but at the same time, the antiquities still hold firm their sacred values that even some modern peoples seek sanctuary when their materiality life could not deliver certainties. Or present human evolutionary state is still unable to deal with the recent pandemic calamity.

While being left out from the mundane world, some ancient structures have transformed as living heritage attracting global tourism in the name of cultural past. Borobudur, as a masterpiece that has been found hidden so long in 1814 and reconstructed, much of the stories of Borobudur still leaves some of the untold mysteries. Such as; what its original ideas or what kind of mathematical system used to construct? Or, how the spatial division was composed to relate the structure to the spirit of the universe?

We know from a religious perspective that a human body is a temple where the divine resides. The same can also be applied to Borobudur as it comprises the physical structure and spiritual entities. Could the spirit be located in the structure's materiality and manifested itself as a long written scripture in the walls of Borobudur?

The past 20t's century has witnessed communication technology with its massive analogue, and digital networks demonstrate such extensive information accessibility and globally, which the ancient Borobudur could benefit from continually present in the digital era. We would like speakers to revive the Borobudur's body and soul from the standpoint of untold mysteries, especially in the present advancement of information technology and the 21st pandemic.

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11:30Meditation Suling Bamboo Mang Baz
12:00Speaker 3: Arahmaiani
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